Today we cover another great piece on the topic of what can be learned from the history of P2P protocols and their successes & failures. ┬áWritten by John Backus┬á@backus, his article “Minimum Viable Decentralization,” lays out a concept that may have been the deciding factor that separated the winners and losers in the file sharing revolution. ┬áWhy did BitTorrent succeed even without a discovery mechanism and its lack of privacy, when technology like Freenet, or iMule offered vastly better privacy and security than alternatives? ┬áListen to find out.

Plus, don’t miss my commentary on how this concept, plus others from recent reads, could be applied to the Bitcoin/Lightning stack as well as other altcoins and blockchain applications. ┬áThere is an entirely new ecosystem at stake, not learning from the failures of the file sharing years could be a recipe for disaster. Don’t miss this one.

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