Exploring the magic of cryptography using a magic hammer, gray dust, a magic potion, & a pair of very special pajama pants.

Don’t miss another read from @Dergigi on the magic of cryptography and how it will change everything we think we know about the world.  We are entering a new era of human civilization.  Pay close attention, the world will never be the same again.

Check out the other work (plus fun graphics & comics) & amazing collection of work we will be revisiting soon on the show, over at dergigi.com: https://dergigi.com/2018/08/17/the-magic-dust-of-cryptography/

If you prefer Medium, be sure to drop some applause on this article: https://medium.com/@dergigi/the-magic-dust-of-cryptography-c8ecd79ae13a

The episode of @CitizenBitcoin mentioned in the show interviewing @dergigi: https://citizenbitcoin.world/episodes/gigi-21-lessons-from-down-the-bitcoin

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