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Want to actually understand Bitcoin to have unwavering confidence in your investment?  Want to know exactly what FUD about Lightning is true, and what is utter nonsense? Do you wonder what incredible insights a foundation in economics and money reveal about how the world is shaped? These are collections of the best articles and essays from all around the internet  on these topics and more. These amazing works will give you a foundation in theory, philosophy, history, money, and economics that will begin to uncover the unimaginable potential and revolutionary impact of that thing we call “Bitcoin.”

You’ve heard of the rabbit hole? Well, this is where you begin.


Understanding the Lightning Network

“Lightning is a mutually agreed upon Bitcoin smart contract that can be updated only with the express consent of both parties; it has confirmed, on-chain proof-of-reserves; it has a wait time for withdrawal if only one party is present; it has a built-in insurance policy in the case of dispute; and it has a punishment clause for any party that initiates an attempt to rescind an updated and signed version of this contract. 
This is not exactly an agreement that I would simplify to a label as unenlightened as ‘an IOU.’”    – Guy Swann

     Total Playlist Length – 15:47:52

Fundamentals of Economics
& Money

“The curious task of economics is to demonstrate to men how little they really know about what they imagine they can design.”
– Freidrich Hayek

     Total Playlist Length – 7:52:04

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