The Magic Dust of Cryptography

The Magic Dust of Cryptography

Exploring the magic of cryptography using a magic hammer, gray dust, a magic potion, & a pair of very special pajama pants.

Don’t miss another read from @Dergigi on the magic of cryptography and how it will change everything we think we know about the world.  We are entering a new era of human civilization.  Pay close attention, the world will never be the same again.

Check out the other work (plus fun graphics & comics) & amazing collection of work we will be revisiting soon on the show, over at

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Securing Property with Owner Authority

Bitcoin is the first truly decentralized registry for property ownership. The first application of which is value in its most abstract form, money.  But how can we extend this to physical property and titles outside of political institutions?  Who better to explore the topic with than Nick Szabo (@nickszabo4)? “Securing Property Titles with Owner Authority.”

Check out other detailed work on this concept and more with the excellent collection of literature at the Nakamoto Institute:

Video with Peter Wuille referenced in the commentary:

My own article referenced in the commentary:

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