The Rise of SIM Swapping

The Rise of SIM Swapping

“For the better part of the last decade, the combination of these two practices has given rise to an increasing number of SIM swap attacks ending in the theft of bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.”David Hollerith

Another piece from, this one by author and podcast host David Hollerith, that breaks down the risks and details of SIM swap attacks and how you may be vulnerable to losing your bitcoins, simply by revealing your phone number.  Don’t miss this piece detailing out the attack, and listing out the Do’s and Don’ts of Bitcoin security.

Check out the original plus a ton of other great recent articles over at

Also recommended is Michael Perklin’s article to go along with this one:

I also mentioned Jameson Lopp’s extreme testing of the bitcoin steel wallets, a great read below:
Part 1:
Part 2:–part-ii-/

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Bitcoin’s Security is Fine by Dan Held

Bitcoin’s Security is Fine by Dan Held

Is Bitcoin’s security going to be unreliable, volatile, or could it even fail entirely when we lose the block subsidy? Or is Bitcoin set to operate smoothly with a natural transition from newly minted bitcoin, to transaction fees?

Exploring the security of Bitcoin in the next economic era, with Dan Held‘s amazing piece, “Bitcoin’s Security is Fine.”

Don’t forget to check out Dan Held‘s other work, the amazing set of links throughout the article, and drop some applause below:

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Szabo – Formalizing & Securing Network Relationships [Parts 1-3]

Szabo – Formalizing & Securing Network Relationships [Parts 1-3]

“… The movement from static to dynamic media promises to bring about a fourth cost revolution in the related areas of jurisdiction, trust, and security. Impacts on business will be felt in law, accounting, auditing, billing, collections, contracts, confidentiality, and so on: in short, the entire nature of our business relationships will be altered in ways only partially foreseeable.”
Nick Szabo


Diving into another excellent piece from Szabo on establishing and updating how we create, enforce, and control relationships in the world of cyberspace.  Check out the full essay at the Nakamoto Institute:

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Part 2 – Listening to an essay from 1997 that details specific challenges of something as distant as the smart contract embedded into the Lightning Network shows the unbelievable foresight of the cypherpunks. As well as the dedication to seeing their vision become a reality. Don’t miss the continuation of Szabo’s amazing piece, “Formalizing and Securing Relationships on Public Networks.”

Don’t forget to check out the many different elements discussed in the commentary if you want to learn more.



Part 3 – The risks and benefits of chargebacks, the nature of the trade-off between contract enforcement & ensuring privacy, the elements of splitting contractual elements (the ripped dollar bill) to minimize trust, pseudonymous credit ratings, and so much more in our completion of Szabo’s essay, “Formalizing and Securing Relationships on Public Networks.” More amazing foresight into the problems of smart contract design, detailed more than a decade before Bitcoin even existed.

Link to the Nakamoto Institute for hosting this incredible work: 

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